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Sloane Legal in Boston, MA handles cases on family law, especially those in relation with the following:


Guardianship and Adoption

In a guardianship, you will have the right and responsibility to take care of the child until they reach the age of majority. However, the rights and responsibilities of the parents cannot be terminated.

Meanwhile, for adoption, the adoptive parents have exclusive custody over the child. They also have the rights and responsibilities of taking care of the child even after the age of majority, terminating the biological parents’ rights.


In Massachusetts, divorce is a “no-fault” case. If you are the plaintiff, you only need a claim that there are irreconcilable differences and other issues between you and your spouse that led to the breakdown of your marriage.

Child Support

Child support refers to the money given to help with the needs of the child as he or she grows. All children have the right to financial support regardless if their parents are married or not or have been divorced or separated.

Child Custody

Even after a breakup, the child must still receive a loving and stable relationship with his or her parents. There will be a hearing if you and your previous partner cannot settle on who will take custody of the child, especially if he or she is still a minor. In Massachusetts, the court recognizes options for joint or sole custody, visitation rights of grandparents, and other factors.

Additionally, we also practice in areas such as:

  • Family Justice
  • Division of Property
  • Enforcement of Support Payments

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